Dubble Bubble Print Campaign

Dubble Bubble had been forgotten. I wanted to help people remember this iconic brand.

Skills: Advertising, Art Direction, Copywriting, Illustration, Design
Tools: Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
Timeline: 4 weeks
Recognition: 2020 Seattle Silver ADDY

Dubble Bubble, invented in 1928, is the world’s first bubble gum. It has a long and rich history, but currently exists in a crowded category and competes against several contemporary brands with more marketing muscle.

Lacking presence at check-out lanes and on the shelves of grocery and drug stores, Dubble Bubble is mostly sold online and at big-box stores in large tubs containing hundreds of pieces of individually wrapped gum. For an impulse buy item, it suffers from poor distribution and marketing support which translates to an overall lack of awareness.

Dubble Bubble had been neglected and forgotten — I wanted to give people a reason to remember this iconic brand.

My research revealed consumer perceptions of Dubble Bubble were rooted in their past, suggesting an opportunity to use nostalgia as a motivating force. My solution  consisted of a series of illustrated print ads depicting older people awkwardly trying to fit into their high school outfits, suggesting that Dubble Bubble is a fun and easy way to bring back great memories, while also acknowledging our audience’s experience in a quickly evolving world. These illustrations feature the vibrant brand colors, and allowed me to establish a scalable, distinct, and ownable style that Dubble Bubble could execute across multiple platforms.


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