Indigo Magazine

Art Direction, Copywriting, Illustration, Design, Photography

A men’s lifestyle magazine celebrating curiosity, culture, and change over biceps, bros, and babes

Indigo is a men’s lifestyle magazine I created as a student project. It explores the human condition through popular culture as it is manifested in food, music, movies, technology, television, books, art, sport, and fashion.

Featuring a simple and straightforward layout using lots of white space to highlight in-depth journalism, thought provoking fiction, and powerful imagery,  Indigo is a magazine for men of character. Character that, like the indigo in a pair of well-loved jeans, has both marked and been marked by the world in which it inhabits.

In addition to concepting the magazine, designing it, sourcing the content, and creating the artwork for the inaugural cover,  I also photographed and wrote the feature article Fight Journal

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